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The New Hope Endowment Trust was established in 1986 by the Board of Directors of New Hope Center for the sole purpose of supporting the mission of New Hope Center, Inc.

The Trust’s mission is to provide a method whereby contributions can be made to a fund that will provide an on-going opportunity to support New Hope Center.

Since its creation, the Endowment Trust has received contributions from many area individuals, businesses and foundations. The funds are being invested with the primary objective being “preservation of principle.” The resulting earned income has been used to cover the costs of a number of projects to benefit the participants of New Hope Center.

“As government tax dollars become more in demand in the years to come, New Hope Center, like most other tax assisted entities, will be receiving fewer and fewer service dollars to support their on-going operations; therefore, the agency must look to the community for needed assistance to ensure that there will always be a New Hope Center for the many years to come. It is imperative that New Hope Endowment Trust grows so that essential revenues will be available to meet future agency needs for those depending upon these services.”

Terence Fox, Chairperson
New Hope Endowment Trust
Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2017 - 2018


Terence P. Fox

Manitowoc, WI

Delmar Riesterer

Valders, WI

Greg Garton
Secretary / Treasurer

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Personnel Committee



Pete Larson

Brillion, WI

Ronald Schneider

Sherwood, WI

Tom Reinl

Chilton, WI

Walter Keller

Forest Junction, WI


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Our Mission

To inspire freedom and independence in the lives of people with disabilities.
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