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New Hope’s Bridge partnered with Cesa 7 offers individuals 18-21 years old the opportunity to receive curriculum based training in a real life setting to increase their independent home and community skills. Bridge is a program designed for students to have hands on experience in meal planning/healthy choices, grocery shopping, laundry, personal safety, accessing community resources and many other opportunities. Students will have the ability to see, feel, and touch what it is to be on their own!  Bridge will provide an apartment on a half-day or daily basis to schools in Calumet County for their transition age students. Bridge is staffed by skilled independents experts who will facilitate curriculum to meet the needs of each student. Our experienced staff are trained to accommodate a variety of disabilities. Bridge can also provide transportation to local community resources to ensure students receive a full spectrum of learning opportunities.

Bridge has been designed to assist

individuals to LIVE to their fullest

potential, LAUGH with friends and

LEARN new skills!

For more information contact our Community Services Coordinator 

Hailey Cramer

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