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Our Mission

New Hope Center is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to inspire freedom and independence in the lives of people with disabilities.

Why New Hope Center?

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For over 50 years, NHC has been a leader in meeting the needs of the disabled in our community. From employment opportunities, to educational or residential services, NHC has built the strongest, most experienced core of long-term supports in the greater Calumet County area. As clients of NHC’s network of services, families have learned they can count on high quality, compassionate staff to provide the best experiences possible. As members of the community, NHC is dedicated to greater independence for all, and responsible stewardship of public resources.

When people who are living with a disability come to New Hope Center they discover that they are valued, respected, supported and empowered. They begin to grow, change and participate in the planning of their own lives, embracing new freedoms and independence. What were once struggles become strengths.

At NHC, we bring the extraordinary to light every day, enriching and empowering individuals with disabilities to maintain or increase their independence, self-worth, self-expression and physical and cognitive well being in a safe, compassionate environment. It’s our privilege to assist people with special needs, and their families, to reach their goal to be fully included in all aspects of life.

We provide state-of-the art services, and advocate for inclusion in the community with support tailored to meet individual needs. We’re proud to offer a full range of options including employment, day service support, housing, residential care, and transportation services.

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