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There are many different adult volunteer opportunities available at New Hope Center. To read about our specific opportunity needs click on the buttons below.

Ongoing Adult Opportunities!

  • Committee Members
    Serve on local boards and help with fundraising, marketing and community awareness programs. Be the face of New Hope in your community and ensure we are serving your community well.

  • Volunteer Management
    Assist with volunteer recruitment, placement, record keeping and recognition.

  • Grant Researching/Writing
    Assist the fundraising team as they research, write and execute grants.

  • Article/Copy Writing
    Assist the marketing department by writng articles and work with local/national publications and media to tell the New Hope story to highlight our people and programs.

  • Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing
    Assist the marketing and screenprinting departments with the layout and design of vector art, flyers, posters and brochures. Work on scheduled internal and external publications for print.

  • Coaching
    Coach our Special Olympians during activities and local sports opportunities.

  • Speakers
    Provide presentations about New Hope programs and services in the community.

  • Social Media
    Be an online advocate and spread the word about New Hope across social media outlets.

  • Clerical
    Assist with administrative tasks.

  • Computer Technology
    Work on computers or assist with tasks that involve computers and IT support.

  • Photography/Videography
    Assist the marketing department in visually telling New Hope stories in a compelling way.

  • Building, Carpentry, Maintenance, Painting, Welding
    Support our building and grounds with your specialized skills.

  • Special Events
    Have fun while supporting fundraising and special events in our upcoming 50th Anniversary year.

Our Mission

To inspire freedom and independence in the lives of people with disabilities.
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